Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

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PFLAG chapters educate their communities through a variety of local projects and outreach activities. PFLAG is dedicated to educating and strengthening individuals, families, and society by providing truthful, fact-based information about the GLBT community and its allies.

During our monthly meetings, members discuss various LGBT relevent topics. We also provide a lending library that contains an array of media related to the LGBT community and its allies.

Education is very important to PFLAGers. We try to help the LGBT and allied community by keeping people abreast of what is affecting LGBT people in a relevant and interesting manner.

Speakers from around the state come to our meetings to inform our members about LGBT legal issues, the effects of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, bullying in the schools, domestic violence and sexual assault, HIV and AIDS, being “out” in the workforce, and many other topics.

We are always open to new ideas of what people want to learn about. Please feel free to contact us at to let us know what you think!